About Us

The St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, situated at 297 Brougham St, in the suburb of Sydenham,  Christchurch, is a member of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. The  church has a long history of being a part of the Christchurch community and  serves as a religious and cultural centre for those of the Russian Orthodox  faith.

The congregation served by Father Valentin Basyuk is as diverse as those who  subscribe to the Orthodox faith, with Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Serbs and more, making up the membership of the Parish.

Regular services are held every Saturday (Vespers, Matins) and Sunday  (Liturgy) and important Orthodox holidays are observed with special services and  functions held in the adjoining church hall.

Please fell free to contact Father Valentin Basyuk on 0279038343 or 03 3320514, valentinebasyuk@gmail.com,  deacon Vladimir Filipovich on 0210306703, deacon@svetinikola.org.nz, or the Parish Council President Natasha Abalenceva on 0211359452, nabelentseva@gmail.com